We are glad to announce our partnership with AKASH NETWORKa decentralized marketplace connecting suppliers who have idle cloud computing resource with users who need more computing power for their workloads.

AKASH NETWORK is a potential project founded in 2015 by a San Francisco-based team led by Mr. Greg Osuri. Its network provides services for three main parties of the cloud ecosystem: Compute Providers, Cloud Infrastructure Customers, and Application End Users.

Its unique idea, transparent information and the passion of the team have impressed VB CAPITAL to partner with AKASH as an early investor and community connector.

With this strategic partnership, VB CAPITAL will be able to help AKASH spread its vision so that our clients can understand thoroughly and together boost the project considerably towards the target.

“On behalf of the Akash team, just wanted to say we are super excited to work with you! VBC is exactly the kind of community we want to be part of and feel very fortunate that we found each other” – Mr. Greg Osuri, CEO of AKASH NETWORK commented.

VB CAPITAL highly appreciates this partnership, which takes effect from May, 2018.