We are glad to announce our partnership with BIGCOIN CAPITAL – a venture capital fund in Vietnam focusing on blockchain industry.

The investment portfolio of BIGCOIN CAPITAL includes several well-known projects such as EOS, NEO, Zilliqa, Vite. VB CAPITAL and BIGCOIN CAPITAL share the same mission to serve and promote investment activities in Vietnam and around the globe to be more diversified, effective, profitable and sustainable.

“VB CAPITAL team possesses the solid knowledge in Blockchain industry from technology to business aspect. Community engagement is also an outstanding asset of this capital” – Mr. Cuong Nguyen, CEO Bigcoin Capital commented.

With this strategic partnership, both capitals can help each other with cross marketing and branding. Moreover, VB CAPITAL will collaborate actively with BIGCOIN CAPITAL on strategic investment information exchange, event organizations or media resources in the future. We believe the handshakes between two capitals will open a favorable playground for Blockchain investors in Vietnam and bring us to the leading position in this market.

VB CAPITAL highly appreciates this partnership, which takes effect from July 2018.