We are glad to announce our partnership with PERLIN – the combination of a scalable DAG-based ledger protocol and the Avalanche consensus, to turn the Perlin Network into a marketplace for computing resources

PERLIN, whose headquarter is in Singapore, is a project getting a lot of hype from crypto community all over the world, though the team has just been out of stealth mode recently. The project widens the doors to a new consensus mechanism: Avalanche achieved 1,300 TPS with a latency of 4.2 seconds on a network of 2,000 nodes in a test implementation. To give some perspective, Bitcoin does 7 TPS with a 60-minute latency, and Algorand does 364 TPS with a 50-second latency. This definitely is a breakthrough!

Believing in the disruptive technology that PERLIN will bring to the world in the future, VB CAPITAL has decided to support PERLIN to connect more effectively and thoroughly to the community, conveying the messages underlying the technology in PERLIN projects, its powerful token metrics, the team and networks to those who are currently interested in this project and seek for more precise information about the project.

With this strategic partnership, VB CAPITAL will be able to help PERLIN communicate closely with the community so that our stakeholders can understand to support the project in a long run.

“On behalf of the Perlin team, we are excited to work with VB Capital to engage the Vietnamese community into the Perlin ecosystem.” – Mr. Dorjee Sun, Project Manager of PERLIN commented.

VB CAPITAL highly appreciates this partnership, which takes effect from Mid July 2018.