We are glad to announce our partnership with TOLAR HASHNET, which provides a solution to major shortcomings of blockchain technology, while maintaining all of its advantages.

HashNET consensus uses “redundancy reduced gossip” and “virtual voting” protocols based on a distributed computation and algorithms from theoretical computer science which provides a fair and fast, byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm. It is a new consensus substitute platform, and is designed to run on a non-permissioned (public) network thereby reaching a larger community. It is a new consensus substitute to blockchain while keeping all the good characteristics from blockchain (decentralized, transparent, pseudo anonymous) and while increasing speed to more than 200.000 TPS.

With this strategic partnership, VB CAPITAL hopes to help TOLAR HASHNET position itself as the global leader of all
DLTs and to become a favorable solution for enterprises and governments by providing an open, lightning fast and extremely fair public ledger built on top of the revolutionary HashNET technology.

“On behalf of the Tolar HashNet team, we are proud to work with VB Capital in developing useful DLT solutions to the Vietnamese government, communities and enterprises. We are planning to have development center together in Vietnam to support our plans” – Mr. Drazen Kapusta, Principal of Tolar.

VB CAPITAL highly appreciates this partnership, which takes effect from July 2018.